I try to be friends with people who do good things. One of my best friends volunteers good works for the POTUS and if you’re not sure who that is, read on.

A ferociously windy Monday found me next to her in line for a free tour of the White House.

Now, mind you, all the White House tours are free, but, if you’re clever, you arrange a visit months in advance and, if you’re lucky, there is space for your party to gain admittance on your hoped for date. Harder to engineer, maybe, than tickets to David Letterman or Oprah: a bit of tricky timing.

I hadn’t been clever, but, thanks to my friend, I was sure lucky.

It was Volunteer Day (and—here’s the lucky part—one guest each!). No one noticed that I hadn’t done a thing to help and in we went to ogle the lavishly decorated mansion.

From the elegant wreaths of fruit that framed the views of the Jackie Kennedy Garden to the white chocolate model of the house we walked through, it was festive and impressive: grand, but also cozy—the quintessential American home.

I did see some great presidents (like Abe) but not the current POTUS. Hmm, maybe I’d better sign up to volunteer.