Walter Reed Hit-And-Run Suspect Released From Psyc Ward 4 Days Before Incident – Angela Cobbold, the Virginia woman who on Tuesday was observed eating a bar of soap before ramming into a Walter Reed security car and drawing gunfire from an officer, was released from a psychiatric ward four days before the incident. During a bond hearing yesterday, prosecutors said she did not appear to have been taking her medication. [The Gazette]

County Attorney Tells State Prosecutor to Back Off – In the escalating fight over Montgomery County’s police effects bargaining referendum, county attorney Marc Hansen told state prosecutor Emmet C. Davitt his investigation of county officials is misguided. The police union has objected to county officials using tax dollars to campaign against effects bargaining. [Maryland Juice]

FOP Rep Calls for County Spokesman to Resign – Also on effects bargaining, FOP consultant and Washington lobbyist Lanny Davis yesterday called for County spokesman Patrick Lacefield to resign. Lacefield has spearheaded the county’s campaign to uphold a law that gets rid of effects bargaining, which Police Chief Thomas Manger says hurts department efficiency. [The Gazette]

Meteorologists Tracking Rare Late-October Hurricane – A rare, East Coast-threatening late-October hurricane could cause trouble early next week. Some are concerned the combination of Hurricane Sandy and a western cold front could cause an unusual hybrid of hurricane and winter storm that would produce snow, wind and rain that would hit the Mid-Atlantic hard. [NBC4]

Flickr photo by IamJomo