There’s a scene in filmmaker Francis Abbey’s current project in which a character sings a Christmas carol to raise money for a fictional Bethesda Children’s Hospital.

As Abbey and crew filmed Friday on Bethesda Row, the scene was apparently real enough to encourage some passerby to try to hand the character money.

Abbey chose the particular spot on Bethesda Row, in the posh pedestrian Bethesda Lane section, because of its look and the way the surrounding buildings block out the sun. Filming near the popular Christmas tree caused a stir on Friday, as Black Friday shoppers walked by.

The film, called Chris and Carol, is a short romantic comedy based on a Christmas carol.

Abbey has shot in Bethesda before and has a producer who works in the area. The crew and budget were small, so they didn’t need a permit from the Maryland Film Office.

Curious onlookers and background noise were manageable, Abbey said, despite the rareness of a film crew in Bethesda.

Abbey hopes to release the film online soon.

Photo via Facebook