Pedro Matamoros, the executive chef at 8407 Kitchen Bar, one of Silver Spring’s best restaurants, has been fired.

Matamoros said he was terminated about two weeks ago by owner and real estate developer Theo Margas. The chef, known for his lamb Bolognese, house-made charcuterie and other artisanal dishes, previously owned Nicaro restaurant in Silver Spring, and before that, won acclaim while cooking in Washington at the Tabard Inn.

While Margas said he had no comment on the firing, it appears as if there was friction and misunderstanding between the two. Matamoros said: “First, he [Margas] tried to say that I wasn’t managing the kitchen. I improved food costs. He still wasn’t happy…He said I was a difficult person to work with. Is that a good reason to fire somebody, when you have a good chef and you’re making money?”

In the meantime, 8407 Kitchen Bar is looking for a new top toque while the sous chefs and cooks execute the existing menu.