There has been a rule in place in the Caldro household for decades and it has become a long standing tradition. Growing up, my sister and I were not allowed to wake my parents if we got out of bed before them on Christmas morning (We’re talking 6am here). We were, however, allowed to take down our stockings from the fireplace and quietly open the tiny gifts arranged inside.

Now, I’m one hundred percent sure my parents came up with this clever little tradition so they could sleep in longer on Christmas morning, but it is something I look forward to each year. I still, to this day, anxiously wait for my sister and her family to arrive at my parents’ house, so we can sit together and rummage through our stockings. It makes me feel like a little kid all over again.

This tradition and the memories of time spent with my sister is what made picking out these eight stocking stuffers a lot of fun.

1. Perfumed Soap (Red Orchard – Shops at Wildwood)

2. Tie Bars (The Tie Bar)

3. Kebo One-Handed Bottle Opener (UncommonGoods)

4. Butter Nail Polish and Lippy Lip gloss (Tuck – Shops at Wildwood)

5.  Minimergency Kits for Her and Him (Pinch Provisions)

6. Aerin Brush Essentials Set (Saks Fifth Avenue – Chevy Chase)

7. Speck FabShell Case for iPhone 5 (Target – Rockville Pike)

8. Leather Colorblock Luggage Tag (J.Crew – Montgomery Mall)