Montgomery County officials are reminding residents they can get rid of their Christmas trees through the county’s recycling program.

Each winter, the Division of Solid Waste Services collect Christmas trees (lights, ornaments, tinsel and all decorations must be removed) that are put on street curbs before 7 a.m. on regular recycling collection days.

Those trees are shredded into mulch that is available in January and February as part of the county’s Neighborhood Mulch Preserves program.

The Department of Environmental Protection also suggests residents recycle Christmas tree branches and needles at home by placing them under outdoor trees and shrubs as temporary winter mulch:
Mulch is good to use on woody plants, such as bushes, shrubs and trees; as a cover material on walkways or other areas where vegetation needs to be controlled; and as a carbon-rich addition to home compost piles or compost bins. Because the mulch is “green,” it must be aged for at least six to eight months before it can be used on flowers, vegetables or other plants with tender or shallow root systems.
Apartment and condominium residents are encouraged to check with their landlords or property managers for specific Christmas tree recycling instructions.