Turns out there’s another major talent out there named Tiger, though this one earns kudos in the kitchen rather than on the golf course. Tiger Bjornlund of Bethesda took first and second place in the Second Annual Bethesda Magazine Cookie Contest.

Bjornlund, a student at Thomas W. Pyle Middle School, was the youngest competitor at age 12, and he also was a third-place finisher last year.

His winning entry was “Willard’s Ginger Cookies,” a recipe originally from his aunt’s father, Willard Koizisto, who hails from Minnesota.

“He makes them for us every year for Christmas,” Bjornlund says. “They are really good and my mom suggested I make them for the competition.”

Bjornlund’s mother, Gina, says, “It took me 10 years to coax the recipe out of him. They are addicting.”

And the runner-up: Bjornlund’s Peppermint Chocolate Cookies. He found a recipe for chocolate cookies, then decided to dip them in white chocolate and peppermint candies.

“If it sounds unhealthy for you, then it’s good,” he says.

To see photos of the entries, check out the gallery below.