As we enter the New Year, it is the perfect time to assess what the heck we’ve acquired in our wardrobe throughout the past year. Let’s purge the things we don’t need. That’s right dad, you are going to have to throw away your favorite sweater with the holes in it. It is time to update the basics that provide the foundation of our wardrobe.

Who better to show us what every man should have in his closet than Bonobos’ Brand President, Brad Andrew. The brand recently opened a Bonobos Guideshop on Bethesda Row. Launched online in 2007 to bring better fitting pants to men, Bonobos has now extended offline, opening showrooms in select cities to bring personalized one-to-one service to those wanting to experience the brand in-person. The Guideshop provides the unique opportunity to see and try on the clothing in person before placing an order on the popular retail website.

Assisting visitors in the Guideshop are Bonobos Guides. These are experts trained in how to fit and style and they will walk customers through the unique range of Bonobos items, from suits and denim to button down shirts and ties. Bonobos Guides provide the hybrid service of a fit expert and style advisor in a relaxed, one-on-one environment without the stress of a traditional retail store.

Check out the 10 staple items Andrew recommends for every man’s closet here.

Want to stop try out Guideshop Bethesda? Appointments can be scheduled by visiting You can also find out more about the showroom here.

Bonobos Guideshop Bethesda, 7126 Bethesda Lane, (877) 294-7737