I think we can all agree that we are entering a cold weather slump. The freezing temperatures are becoming unbearable and it feels like spring will never arrive. At times, we don’t even care about dressing up. It is all about staying warm instead.

It is a new year, so what better way to pep up your outfit (and your mood) than layering on an accessory that is downright jaw-dropping – the statement necklace. Adding this accessory will instantly (and very easily) brighten up any dress, tee shirt, sweater or button down. Just because we are bundled up in layers of coats and scarves doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun and look like we put a lot of effort into our look of the day.  

Go ahead, make one of these 12 necklaces the focal point of your next outfit and start off the New Year with a smile. You’ll be sure to make a big statement.