Since moving back to Bethesda from New York two years ago, I have refused to purchase a car. I love public transportation. It allows me to read tons of books, write blog posts and get work done to and from the office. The only problem…where the heck to put the iPad and the iPhone and the yoga clothes and sometimes the computer? This requires a very functional, yet stylish commuter bag.

Right now, I am using a bag made by a great brand (which shall remain nameless). However, it is not made for stowing all the things I need to travel around with each day. This is made evident by the strap that keeps breaking. I also find myself digging around for 10 minutes just to find my SmarTrip card. When my phone rings manage to rescue it from the bottom of the bag only after the person has hung up.

Thank you to the reader who requested recommendations for great commuter bags. The idea has jumpstarted my search for the perfect one. After doing a lot of research, I’ve found four well-made, stylish and extremely functional carryalls –  at several price points. The key to all of them…pockets. A great commuter bag must have various sections or pockets to help keep us organized and efficient.

What do you think? If you have any additional recommendations send them my way. I would love to hear from you!

UNDER $400
MZ WALLACE Black Bedford Ava Tote $375

UNDER $300
Lo & Sons The O.M.G. Overnight & Gym Bag $275

UNDER $200
lululemon Daily Om Duffel $128

UNDER $100
Banana Republic Blake Tote $79.50