How Do You Refresh A Suburban Mall? – With the coming redevelopment of White Flint, the Lerner family hopes to transform its mall, built in 1977, into an attractive urban neighborhood. [Friends of White Flint]

Frick vs. Frosh In ’14 Attorney General Race – Del. Bill Frick (D-Bethesda) said he plans to run for the state’s attorney general position in race, pitting him against fellow Bethesda state lawmaker Sen. Brian Frosh (D), who hails from the same district. Frosh, who boasts significant support, said he has not talked to Frick about his plans. [The Gazette]

MoCo Agrees To First Pay Increases For Government Employees In Four Years – The deal would reportedly provide the county’s 5,000-member employee union with a two-year contract that will give most workers 13 percent in cost-of-living and longevity raises. It must be agreed upon by the union membership and County Council. [Washington Post]

Flickr photo by His Noodly Appendage