The snowy winter some expected almost came and went without much of any white stuff and few, if any, challenges for the county’s team of snow plows.

Tomorrow, that will likely change, giving the Montgomery County Department of Transportation and State Highway Administration a late first test of the winter with a predicted three to eight inches of snow in the Bethesda area.

The MCDOT this year is debuting a countywide GPS system that pre-programs snow clearing routes for plow operators with a special SIM card. The change was one of a few detailed at the county’s annual “Snow Summit,” in November.

Some things to remember about the county’s snow plow operations if you find your street covered with snow on Wednesday morning:
When snow begins to cover roads, salt crews spread salt on all main County roads and emergency routes.

When snow accumulates to three inches, plowing and salting crews continue to clear all main County roads and emergency routes.

Once the snow stops, crews begin plowing neighborhood roads.
Also, the county offers a real-time map of its progress on all roads, which can be viewed at the MCDOT Storm Operations page.

Screenshot via MCDOT