Eric Reid, owner of the SPAGnVOLA chocolate boutique in Gaithersburg, says his dark chocolate bars, bonbons and truffles will likely be coming to Bethesda via a partnership that’s in the works with a “high-end” existing business.

“It will at least give us the ability to serve our customers that are currently in Bethesda,” said Reid, who along with wife and SPAGnVOLA’s head chocolatier Crisoire Reid, hand pick cacao beans from their farm in the Dominican Republic. “We want to start to build that market organically. If things go well and we have the right formula, we’d like to open up our own boutique there.”

Reid then has the cacao beans shipped to SPAGnVOLA’s headquarters in Gaithersburg, where the beans are handcrafted in small batches to create flavors and products that have become popular in the two years since he opened the store and factory.

The facility regularly hosts tours and chocolate-making classes, another feature that has drawn attention.

“Most people said, ‘You’re crazy,’ to open up that kind of business in that economy,” Reid said. “We believed in it two years ago and we’re going to continue to try and find ways to innovate and create partnerships.”

More information on where SPAGnVOLA will be heading soon.

Video via MYMCMedia