For two years, Metro and Ride On buses that pull into the Bethesda Metro station bus bays instead may be making stops on nearby streets.

Bethedsa-Chevy Chase Regional Services Center director Ken Hartman said the county was still working on a maintenance of traffic plan with Brookfield Properties, which wants to redo the private parking garage under its Three Bethesda Metro Center office building. That project would mean the bus bays above must close for the duration of the approximately two-year project.

Without access to the bus bays, buses connecting many Montgomery County riders to the Bethesda Metro will be re-routed and may stop on Woodmont Avenue and Edgemoor Lane.

Hartman said the county has made continued pedestrian access from Edgemoor Lane to the Metro station escalators a requirement.

In January, a Brookfield spokeswoman said the project would include improvements to the bus bays, though she did not elaborate on what those improvements might be.

The shutdown is expected to start this year.